Riga First Medical College from 1 July 2019 referred to as Riga First Medical College of the University of Latvia.

Riga First Medical College of the University of Latvia (hereinafter LU RFMC) provides the first-level vocational higher education, professional secondary education and vocational education that are in demand in the health care labour market. The college collaborates with more than 200 internship providers, thus ensuring internship opportunities for all students. For the majority of students, the health care internship provider becomes the first place of employment.   

Basic studies at LU RFMC are funded by the State budget.

Studies at LU RFMC allow to continue education in other higher education institutions in Latvia and abroad.

Studies at the College proceed in the environment that is highly similar to the real work environment for each profession to be acquired. Already at the initial stage of their studies, future pharmacist assistants develop customer service skills for work at a pharmacy in the pharmacy model set up at the College; medical assistants develop their professional skills in an ambulance model in which all the equipment complies with the modern technology requirements for the emergency medical service vehicle; dental technicians use three-dimensional CAD/CAM technologies in prosthetic dentistry, etc. Dentist assistants acquire the rudiments of foursome work in the College pre-clinic rooms that are provided with the equipment similar to that of operating dental clinics. Midwives, nurses, nursing assistants and patient carers gain their first practical experience in simulation-based studies which deploy modern manipulation models and care equipment.

The College implements the academic mobility program Erasmus + for both students and staff.

The College was established in 1902 in Riga under the name of Midwifery School. Subsequently, the institution has changed names and has expanded the number of offered professions.

In accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 643 “On the Reorganization of Riga Medical College 1”, passed on 29 November 2018, and the decision No. 168 of the Senate of the University of Latvia of 8 January 2018, Riga First Medical College changed its status, and since 1 July 2019 onwards has continued to exist as the agency of the University of Latvia Riga First Medical College of the University of Latvia.

The inclusion of the College in the structure of the University of Latvia has yielded benefits for both students and academic staff as well as for the overall strategic development of our educational institution because this inclusion has boosted the College potential and competitiveness in the Latvian and international health care labour market.

The College hall of residence is located 100 meters from the College building.  

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Strategy of Riga First Medical College of the University of Latvia for 2015 – 2020