Briefly about the program Programmas kods: 41 721

Study direction
Health care
Study program
Medical treatment
Education level
First level professional higher education
Qualification to be awarded
Duration of studies and amount of credits
3 years, 120 credit points (180 ECTS)
Type of studies
Full-time studies
Admission requirements
Secondary education

Program structure

General education block:
23 CP (34.5 ECTS)
Specialization courses:
70 CP (105 ECTS)
Elective courses:
2 CP (3 ECTS)
Internships (outside educational institutions):
17 CP (25.5 ECTS)
Development and defense of the qualification thesis:
8 CP (12 ECTS)

Program aims

  • To train qualified specialists to work as midwives in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, the needs of the Latvian labor market, the professional standard for the midwife and European Union directives.
  • To implement the study process, promoting the improvement and development of students’ personalities and providing an opportunity to obtain appropriate education and professional qualifications.
  • To provide opportunities for students to prepare for continuing education in other higher education institutions in Latvia and abroad and to motivate students to maintain high professional independence in the acquired profession by engaging in lifelong learning activities.

Program objectives

To attain the aims of the study program, the College has identified the following key objectives:

  1. to ensure the implementation of a high-quality study process;
  2. to ensure the acquisition of the study program in accordance with the 4th professional qualification level of the professional standard of a midwife and the requirements of employers;
  3. to provide knowledge and develop skills in women’s health care and legislation, research activities and application of management principles;
  4. to develop and enhance students' creative abilities and skills to address challenges in obstetric and gynecological situations;
  5. to develop and enhance students' skills in performing medical manipulations in outpatient and inpatient institutions;
  6. to develop and enhance students' skills in the management and care of physiological pregnancies and in the evaluation of pathological pregnancies;
  7. to provide an opportunity to master writing of medical documentation in outpatient and inpatient midwifery practice;
  8. to give an opportunity to acquire skills to organize and manage own and colleagues' workload in providing high quality maternity care;
  9. to develop and enhance students' skills in family planning and contraception and in preparing a family for childbirth;
  10. while implementing the study program to emphasize the preventive direction and to continuously renew the study content and research activities.

Profession contents

Professional standard for the midwife

Career opportunities

  • Departments at a maternity hospital
  • Gynecological practice
  • Family care and consultation centers
  • Clinics and other health care institutions
  • As a self-employed person or a sole proprietor in health care

Opportunities for continuing education

  • Continuing education for certification
  • Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare at Riga Stradiņš University (professional Bachelor’s programs Midwife and Nursing)
  • Faculty of Medicine of the University of Latvia (professional Bachelor’s program Nursing)

Contact information

Inese Indrāne

Acting Head of Treatment and Pharmacy Department