From 07/09/2009 to 30/05/2011, Riga First Medical College implemented the European Social Fund project On the Implementation of the Study Process in accordance with the project Agreement No. 11.11-5 / 32. The project subject was retraining of medical staff in accordance with the RSU retraining program Nurse as a Physician Assistant in the amount of 3000 hours.

Riga First Medical College implements the measure Support for the Increase of Employment and Acquisition of Education by Young People not Involved in Employment, Education or Training of aim 7.2.1 of the program Growth and Employment (agreement No. (Cooperation agreement No. 6.-3.3.3/19.2015 of 1 September 2015), the outcome of which is the admission to College of young people aged 17 to 29 who neither study (except distance learning or part-time study programs referred to in the Law on Higher Education Institutions), neither work nor acquire a profession. The study program is dentistry, the qualification is a dental assistant, the duration of studies is 1 year, the place of study is Riga, the required education is secondary education.