Briefly about the program Programmas kods: 41 725

Study direction
Health care
Study program
Education level
First level professional higher education
Qualification to be awarded
Pharmacist assistant
Duration of studies and amount of credits
2,5 years, 100 credit points (150 ECTS)
Type of studies
Full-time studies
Admission requirements
Secondary education

Program structure

General education block:
24 CP (36 ECTS)
Specialization courses:
45 CP (67.5 ECTS)
Elective courses:
3 CP (4.5 ECTS)
Internships (outside educational institutions):
20 CP (30 ECTS)
Development and defense of the qualification thesis:
8 CP (12 ECTS)

Program aims

To train pharmacist assistants as health care specialists who:

  • work in pharmacies under the supervision of a pharmacist, dispense medicines, health care or body care products, prepare medicines according to specific doctor's prescriptions and written requests of medical institutions;
  • can work under the supervision of an official in accordance with the specifics of professional duties in pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies;
  • promote the development of their profession and pharmaceutical care and who are motivated to continuously improve their knowledge and skills;
  • are motivated to continue their education in their specialty in order to obtain a second level professional higher education.

Program objectives

To attain the aims of the study program, the College has identified the following key objectives:

  1. to ensure the acquisition of the study program in accordance with the 4th professional qualification level of the professional standard of a pharmacist assistant and the requirements of employers;
  2. to develop and enhance students' creative abilities and skills as well as the ability to conduct applied research in cooperation with academic staff;
  3. to develop skills for promoting a healthy lifestyle in accordance with the latest scientific discoveries and in the interests of consumers;
  4. to enhance the informative, material and technical provision of the study program;
  5. to motivate students to continue their education and use self-education opportunities;
  6. while implementing the study program to emphasize the preventive direction and to continuously renew the study content and research activities.

Profession contents

Professional standard for the pharmacist assistant

Career opportunities

  • Pharmacies
  • Medicinal product wholesaler
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers

Opportunities for continuing education

  • Faculty of Medicine of the University of Latvia (Bachelor‘s program Pharmacy)
  • Faculty of Pharmacy of Riga Stradiņš University (second level professional higher education program Pharmacy)

Contact information

Kārlis Mačāns

Methodologist of Pharmacy Program